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Peter Motem is a licensed and experienced mortgage broker serving Halton Hills, Burlington, Oakville, Milton and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for some more information about qualifying for a mortgage, refinancing your mortgage, or if you’d like like to ask a question, drop Peter a line using the information below, or if you’re ready to start your application, click here to apply now.

Have a Mortgage Question?

No matter what phase of home purchasing you’re in, there are lots of questions to ask (no, it’s not just first time home buyers). If you still have a question about your mortgage, or you’d like to have a chat before you fill out the mortgage application, just email him directly at:

Searching For a Highly Reviewed

“Mortgage Broker Near Me”?

Peter not only has a ton of verified reviews, but he also has hundred of satisfied clients across the Greater Toronto Area.  As a long time resident of Georgetown, Peter is able to provide mortgage services to clients in Milton, Halton Hills, Oakville, Burlington, Waterdown, Flamborough, Acton and all the other surrounding areas. If you’re looking to purchase your home in any of the areas Peter services, please don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your mortgage needs.

Still Curious About

Why You Need a Mortgage Broker?

With all the self service options out there, you might be curious why anyone would choose to work with a mortgage broker, instead of just reviewing and selecting the products from the comfort of their own couch.

The answer is simple: a mortgage broker gives you a personal touch that the internet just can’t offer. A broker also gives you an advocate, a support system, years of experience in mortgages, a network of people to help you with every aspect of the process and if that isn’t enough – access to exclusive offers that aren’t available anywhere else.

If that isn’t enough reason to work with a mortgage broker, then it could just boil down to the fact that choosing the right mortgage or finding a refinancing solution can be not only overwhelming, but incredibly time consuming.

A mortgage broker eases that burden, and can connect you with some pretty great deals. They are there to assist you in every step of the process, from finding the mortgage solution for you, to helping you navigate the paperwork, and even connecting you with pros to help you with the legal aspects of your purchase. Basically, a mortgage broker is your guide through the process. They work for YOU and it’s their job to make sure purchasing your home is a simple, and stress free process.

Peter is here to help you with all of your mortgage questions. With over 15 years experience, he’ll help you navigate all of the options available and choose the right mortgage for you.

Peter can help with a variety mortgage solutions, including:

  • Finding the Right Mortgage for First Time Home Buyers
  • Choosing an Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Getting a Mortgage for Your Business or Finding a Mortgage for Commercial Property
  • Applying for a Home Equity Mortgage
  • Refinancing Your Mortgage
  • Applying for a Second Mortgage
  • Finding a Lender for a Private Mortgage
  • New Home Construction Mortgages
  • Self-Employed Mortgages
  • And Much, Much More…