Now More than Ever, YOU Could Use Help Finding the Best Mortgage...So the Bank of Canada rate announcement from last week was “lower than expected” and that has many asking the “where do we go from here?” question.

Well, the BOC really is still treading a fine line between “fighting inflation” and “recession” so it is hard to say exactly what the direction is… but having someone that is in tune with the market and “always observing” is something that you should be taking advantage of when it comes to your financial situation…. and that’s what you get with

There are some lenders out there that are offering “better than expected” products (with the bond market reaction from last week) so it could be beneficial to you to have the conversation (We have opinions on both fixed rates and variable these days – and it really depends on your particular situation as to what we at would suggest).

Mortgage advice is best taken from a trusted and reliable source so reach out now… and let’s figure out what to do about YOUR mortgage rate and get you the very best plan that tailored to you.