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Let’s get PreApproved NOW

From the author Noella Ovid

Homebuyers who are already pre-approved for a mortgage should enter the housing market now instead of waiting for interest rates to go down, according to one industry expert.

Expectations are that the spring housing market could be “very hot” because of the pent-up demand for properties.

Many buyers have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting to jump into the market as soon as the Bank of Canada cuts interest rates, which most economists expect will happen in June.

High demand for housing is expected to continue over the next few years in Ontario because construction is not keeping up. Homebuilder sentiment hit a record low in the fourth quarter and housing starts are expected to slow in the coming year
That being said, “Let’s Get Preapproved NOW” to avoid paying more for (and being involved in bidding wars) once rates do come down…
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