Your mortgage might be coming up for renewal this year… so it’s better to make sure your credit is in good enough shape to get at the great rates that are out there!

Creditors can make mistakes on your report that can “make or break” your mortgage rate. If there are mistakes on your report, it’s best to fix them with “plenty of time” to spare (60 days to have them fixed is best).

Let’s give you a scenario… you have paid off a credit card and you think the bank has closed the account – only to find that it was paid, but “not” closed and there is an annual renewal fee that comes out; while you think you are in good shape, you have not paid the annual fee and the bank is telling Equifax/ TransUnion that you have missed a payment. This can be sorted out, but needs some time for everything to be put back into shape.

So, let’s check your credit to make sure you’re in good shape to take advantage of the great rates out there…