Self Employed Mortgages & Mortgage Solutions for Unique Situations

We all have unique situations that require innovative solutions.  When it’s time to find a mortgage tailored to you, a mortgage broker is the perfect fit.  With access to hundreds of lenders and a myriad of mortgage solutions, we can help you find the mortgage that fits your life and your individual needs.

How to Get a Self Employed Mortgage?

When you apply for a self-employed mortgage, you’ll need to provide proof of income, which is typically done using your notice of assessment.  Often times this doesn’t’ fully reflect the income of the applicant, making it almost impossible to be approved for a self-employed mortgage with a bank.

This is where a mortgage broker comes in.  With access to hundreds of mortgage lenders, we are often able to access lenders who are willing to accept additional types of income verification, which allows you to be considered for a self-employed mortgage.

The bottom line is: if you’re self-employed and a bank has said no, there is a good chance that a mortgage broker like Peter can help you find a self employed mortgage lender who fits your needs.

Why Choose for Your Self Employed Mortgage?

At Mortgages, we aim to please on every occasion, so when you’re looking for a mortgage broker in Burlington for advice on YOUR financing… trust for your next mortgage.