Find a Mortgage Broker in Oakville, On

Are you looking for a mortgage broker in Oakville, Ontario? Peter Motem is a licensed broker serving Oakville, Burlington, Halton Hills and all the surrounding areas.  He offers virtual services or will meet you wherever you are to help you navigate the process of getting or refinancing your mortgage.  Call Peter today to talk about how he can help.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about Oakville, we’ve created a quick guide below to introduce you to the town and hopefully give you a feel for what life is like living there.  If you have any questions abut the area, feel free to reach out!

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Find Mortgage Broker in Oakville

About Oakville, On

Oakville is a small town which is nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario. The town of Oakville is known for it’s beautiful lakeside shopping district, it’s upscale dining and of course, it’s beautiful lakefront harbours and recreation facilities.

If it’s history that you’re after, you can explore some of the old homes along the lakeside.  Just behind where the thriving downtown sits now, you’ll find a few streets nearer the lake, which are small 19th century shoppes that were converted into homes.  Each of the converted buildings feature plaques and signs that let you relive what the original town might have looked or felt like.

It’s few towns that have so brilliantly preserved their living history.

Even though the downtown has moved a few streets over, it’s maintained an old and charming feel. The cobblestone street features 30+ independent shops that make strolling the downtown an exciting local experience.   As you wander down the street, you’ll find local butchers, ice cream parlors, bakeries, restaurants and a variety of unique and interesting apparel and retail shops.

If you decide to head north in the town, you’ll begin to move into the suburban section.  Plenty of real estate opportunities are available here, as well as a large and well-appointed mall, large retail stores (included a variety of organic retailers) and a variety of dining experiences.

Heading west in Oakville will allow you to experience Bronte, which is small lakeside area of Oakville filled with local retailers, grocery stores and a beautiful waterfront recreation area.  In the west end you can also discover Kerr Village, which is home to another group of local shops as well as a variety of culinary experiences to explore.

Oakville spans from the edge of Burlington, Ontario and touches on the edge of Milton, Ontario to the north and Mississauga, Ontario to the east.

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Why Buy a Home in Oakville, Ontario?

If you’re thinking of moving to Oakville, there are a ton of great reasons.  Oakville has managed to preserve its small-town feel, while offering a variety of suburban housing options, as well as numerous amenities and recreation activities.

It offers abundant lake access for those that enjoy the water or like to sail.  It also offers a ton of hiking trails, recreation centres, and entertainment venues.

For those who enjoy a touch of the big city, Oakville also features abundant Go Train access points, which allow quick and easy access to Toronto, Ontario.  If you prefer to drive, it’s only a 40-minute jaunt from Oakville to Toronto.  If it’s exercise that’s on your mind, you can also access Toronto via several bike paths.

In short, with it’s blend of proximity to Toronto and its small-town feel, buying a home in Oakville Ontario is a great choice for someone who wants a blend of big-city experiences and small-town living.

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Finding a Mortgage Broker in Oakville, Ontario

If you’ve made a decision to buy a home, and are now searching for a mortgage broker in Oakville, we can help.  Peter Motem is a licensed mortgage broker serving Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Halton Hills and all of the surrounding areas.  Peter offers first-class service, with on-location or virtual meetings and an array of mortgage lenders and solutions for purchasing your Oakville Home.  If you’re ready to apply for your mortgage click here.